iOS 5 Officially Releases for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Yesterday was a big day for Apple, Apple has successfully launced the 5th version of the most awaited iOS in market, yes that’s right, iOS 5 is in now market & now millions of iPhone, iPads, iPod Touch are waiting to get upgraded to iOS 5.

In the fifth version of this iOS Apple has done some  major changes in software that run on all iDevices. There is iMessage, which is new messaging service that Apple believes is on a par with the likes of BlackBerry Messenger. iMessage also offers a instant messaging for free across all iOS devices which are running on iOS 5.

There are also improvements in Notification center & improvements in camera app too. The all new Reminders & Newsstand apps along with Twitter integration & plenty of more such apps. Mail client has also got some significant updates, it’s now supporting rich text for adding Bold, Italic or Indentation to users email. Flagging messages is also now part of Mail in iOS 5 too.

The latest iOS also has a landscape calendar for what users are waiting like anything. Apple today has released a tons of new software, services and updates, including iCloud, OS X 10.7.2 with iCloud support, Find My Friends for iOS, Cards for iPhone, AirPort Utility for iOS, iTunes Movie Trailers app, iWork 1.5 with Documents in the iCloud support, and more.

For a run down on all the interesting features in iOS 5 here is the video:

Final version of iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can be downloaded from here.