Apple rumored switching iPad 2 orders over battery leaks

According to Digitimes, Apple had moved some of its orders from Simplo to Dynapack at the end of September when Simplo’s Eastern China plant produced some leak prone lithium-polymer packs. Apple’s use of safer lithium-polymer batteries kept them from fires, but these are also have problems regarding charging which were enough to require better one.

Normally, Simplo would supply about 60 percent of iPad 2 batteries with Dynapack providing rest, but that ratio has now shifted towards Dynapack.

This issue is not officially confirmed by Apple because both Dynapack & Simplo are widely known as Apple’s battery suppliers. Simplo handles the batteries for the MacBook Air & Macbook Pro. Companies like Apple are known to change orders for other components to keep supply up, such as a well known diversification away from LG for iPad 2 displays until it resolved display issues.

A successful swap can minimize any disruption in Apple’s manufacturing. Although it still comes just as Apple is likely seeing a peak in shipments as it goes into the holidays. As such, it might be more sensitive to unplanned switches.

So if your iPad 2 order gets delayed for some reason, now you’ll know why!