AirServer 3.0 for AirPlay to Mac with iOS 5 & Lion support

AirServer is the most advanced AirPlay/AirTunes receiver app in the market. Which will let you seamlessly stream audio, videos, photos, and photo slideshows to your Mac or iOS device. AirServer gives you more features for less money.

When AirServer for Mac was previously reviewed in May it was a very simple & stable utility that allowed users to transmit audio ,photos & videos from iOS device to Mac in local networks, but after release of AirPlay in November 10 , developers noticed that number of unofficial apps have privileged to access and enjoy apple streaming technology which was unsupported on devices also several hacks from other developers turned Mac into a receiver for photos or video.

Now with AirServer 3.0 release, the developers have completely re-engineered AirServer to fully take advantage of iOS 5’s Airplay & Lion compatibility. According to testers of this app it’s working very fine with Golden Master release of iOS 5 & OS X 10.7.2. once AirServer 3.0 is installed as preference pane, user will be able to send music ,photos ,videos to Mac. It also supports simultaneous transmission of photos & audios. Support for Airplay is also improved. App also supports AirPlay slideshows from the photos app on iOS,also includes animations that will be displayed on your Mac’s screen as AirPlay switches between photos.

The Massive change in AirServer 3.0 is Video streaming. In new version developers have replaced the QuickTime player with their video player, which provide good performance for network streaming & multiple displays, importantly it’s fast and loads videos coming from an iPhone or iPad much faster than previous one. You can use the video player in full-screen mode, or resize its window to fill a portion of the screen. So AirServer is perfect solution to turn your Mac into an AirPlayer receiver for music, photos and videos & with price of $7.99.