iPad Internet usage Passes iPhone, overall 97% in terms of All Tablets

iPad has been the most successful tablet in the history with both the versions that is iPad and iPad 2 setting a record for sales.With the Launch of iPhone4S the stage is set on fire for yet another hit from Apple.This record breaking sales of the devices converts into a huge market share in terms of the data usage.

As we take a look at the recent research from comScore with the  study of digital media consumption in the United States,revealed that iPad still dominates the Tablet world so much so that it has also surpassed the internet usage of it’s very own baby brother iPhone in the Internet Traffic.According to comScore research ,iPad accounted for as much as 97.2% of U.S. Internet traffic, as measured by browser-basd page views, from tablet devices for the period of June to August 2011.

If we have a look at the overall O.S platform marketshare, iOS still leads with  58.5% of  Traffic, the close second is Android with a huge difference at 31.9% almost half of that of the iOS based devices.With new upcoming faster versions of devices into the 4G LTE era will further boost this category of internet traffic with tablets and smartphones taking over the age old desktops.