SIM Unlock Tools : Unlock iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 5


Unlocking iPhones is not an easy task anymore with Apple releasing constant firmware updates and closing down all security holes with every release.

It becomes a cumbersome task to constantly wait unless an Unlock comes out for a specific iPhone firmware version.

There are other alternatives you can use to achieve that purpose.

These are hardware unlock methods available called SIM Unlock Tools. By using these tools you no longer have to wait for an unlock to come out. You can be rest assured that even after upgrading to the latest iOS version, your iPhone will still remain unlocked.

The various SIM Unlock solutions include:(Search for their names in Google)

1. Gevey Turbo SIM

2. Gevey Turbo SIM Pro

3. Rebel micro SIM

Whether or not these tools will provide iPhone 5 SIM Unlocking at launch or not is unknown it. But these solutions are updated on a periodic basis and there will be a SIM Unlock solution available for the iPhone 5 at launch.