iOS 5 : Initial Setup and Whats New

Apple yesterday announced the next update to its iOS, the iOS 5.

iOS 5 comes with over 200 new features. Some of these features are  described by Apple here :

I just installed the Developer Beta of iOS 5 on my iPad.

One of the most prominent feature of iOS 5 is that it gets rid of cables completely. It offers a totally Wireless solution to manage your Media and Device.

No longer will you see the dreaded Connect to iTunes Logo at start with a picture showing an Apple USB Cable to connect to iTunes.

iOS 5 comes with a totally revamped Setup interface, which allows you to setup everything right from the phone without needing any Mac/PC.

Check out the various Setup steps and Changes below  :

Signin with Apple ID

Choose to Sync to iCloud or not

Find my iPad

iCloud offers 5Gb of Space for Free. Apparently you can also buy more storage. Price plans for that are not yet available.

Choose to sync various applications to your iCloud ID

About Page

New Music Interface

New Music Interface

Reminders App + Split Keyboard!

Reminders via Notification/Mail Syncs with iCloud

Safari now supports Tabbed Browsing

And finally Notifications! Beautiful!

Lock Screen Notificatons!!