iPad Jailbreak sooner than expected

iPad has just been launched a couple of days back and news of it being jailbreaked are already spreading fast!

A well known iPhone Hacker ‘MuscleNerd‘ found the exploit and implemented it within 24rs of iPads launch! An exploit being found so soon means that an automated Jailbreak solution will be out very soon.

Most of us are familiar with the process of Jailbreaking and the things it offers. Custom Themes, Widgets and many other 3rd Party applications which are denied from the App Store. iPad will offer much more in terms of customizations after jailbreaking than whats possible on the iPhone due to its screen size.

A lot of real estate is been wasted and it will be very exciting on how the Homebrew community  makes use of that.

The exploit seems to be Browser driven and grants you Root access and ability to run unsigned applications.

The availability of this jailbreak will take some time as they will probably wait for Apple to issue a firmware update first and then make the jailbreak public.

Keep checking back for more information on this!

Check out the Proof of Concept of the Jailbreak below :