Apple to activate hidden FM Radio in iPhone and iPod Touch


The iPhone and iPod Touch have most of the features any Music device should have. But many people missed an FM Radio. Well there seems to be some good news for FM lovers.

Apple was always reluctant to include a FM Radio in their iPod lineup but with the inclusion of  FM Radio in their latest iPod Nanos opened up hopes for inclusion of FM in other Apple devices too.

The current iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G have a FM Receiver Module, just that theres no software to make use of it.

Apparently Apple is waiting for the integration of Apple Music Store and FM App so that users can buy the Song which they like while listening to FM.

This is not the first time that Apple has decided to keep a feature locked, Apple had previously kept some features hidden initially like the iPod 2Gs Bluetooth. It was 10 months later that Apple decided to make use of the Bluetooth feature.

As to how long will it take for the Official to launch is best known by Apple itself. We all can just cross our fingers and wait for the Best!