iPhone Photoshop App


iPhone has been the only device where you can get almost any application you want. Pick a task and you have an App for that!

The iPhone also had its share of Image Editing applications but none provided much detailed editing of Images.

Adobe the company behind the most widely used PC/Mac based Professional Photo Editing software – Photoshop has now made available a free to use Mobile based version of Photoshop!


Users can create a free account on Photoshop.com to get started with the Mobile App. The Photoshop.com account is linked to the Application and allow you to store edited Photos online. Users get 2Gb of free space to store photos.

The Photoshop Application provides about 9 different effects ranging from the basic Crop, Rotate and Flip stepping up to more advanced effects like Color settings, Filters, Soft Focus, Vibrant, Pop, Warm Vintage, Vignette Blur, Rainbow, White Glow, Soft Black and White.

Get the Free Photoshop Application on the iTunes Store.

Official Photoshop Mobile Site : mobile.photoshop.com