Egnyte On Demand Server

The one thing that’s a must these days with the world getting online and information pouring in from everywhere is -  getting all your data mobile and always accessible no matter where you are!

People now a days work on several computers and other devices and it becomes quite difficult for them to manage, streamline and keep all their data synced at one place.

All that trouble is a thing of the past now with the introduction of Cloud Computing and file sharing softwares. Egnyte is a major player and a very widely recognized provider for Online Demand Cloud Computing.

Egnyte Local Cloud is an always available online data storage from the On Demand File Server.

The Egnyte Local Cloud solution provides the following capabilities:

* Off-line access to the files
* Work faster with large files
* Local copy of your files

What this means in laymans terms is that imagine a usual scenario, you’re working at the Office on a presentation, your work is half finished and you HAVE to head back home leaving you with no time to use time-consuming older data backup techniques like copying to CD or USB Drive.

But with Egnytes Local Cloud, all your important data is automatically backedup to their Online Server, so you can get to home and not worry about finishing up that leftover presentation. And did I mention that its all SECURE !

Egnyte’s File Server is accessible using the iPhones Safari Browser, allowing you to view files, modify permissions on folders, view older file versions or view comments on files.