OS X Snow Leopard New Features

The much awaited upgrade to OS X Leopard 10.5 will soon be launched by Apple for just 29$.

Here’s a quick look on what Snow Leopard has to offer over its previous iteration :

  • A new Finder – It has been rewritten in scratch and is more powerful, better and efficient than before.
  • Better stacks – The signature feature of Mac OS just got much better and useful than ever before.
  • Dock Expose – Much like the original Expose, this new tool is meant for productivity.
  • Quicktime X – A new video tool for Snow Leopard that does everything from editing to composing.
  • More accessible – People with disabilities can now use their Mac with much ease and comfort.
  • Exchange Support – The new OS comes with built-in support for Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • 64-bit Power - Apps would now be able to make greater use of the multi-CPU.
  • OpenCL – More power to enhanced graphic applications and utilities.

According to Apple  Snow Leopard’s Finder is more responsive, Mail loads messages twice as fast, Time Machine will complete initial backups 80 percent faster, and a 64-bit version of Safari 4 is 50 percent faster than its predecessors.  QuickTime X comes with a redesigned player that lets users view, record, trim and share video. Better Multi-Processor and OpenCL support.