Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince – Free App

All those Harry Potter fans  out there have yet another Harry Potter related thing to play around with. There’s a free Application by Warner Bro’s to promote its upcoming feature film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. And best of all- its FREE !

But here’s the down side, as its Free, don’t expect any great 3D Graphics or anything even remotely close to what you see on its PC/Console Game adaption. This is like just an interactive trailer of the Movie. Read the official application description below :

Explore the world of Harry Potter with this exciting new iPhone app for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!
View official film content including Videos, Posters, Character Information, and More…

Now you can interact with an engaging recreation of Dumbledore’s Pensieve- a device that allows you to view memories. You will unlock new Memory Vials as you explore the vast assortment of contect that appears in the Pensieve.

Insert yourself and your friends into a Wanted Poster or the Daily Prophet by using your iPhone Camera or your Photo Album on your iPod Touch.

Key Features:

· Explore official film content*
· Unlock new content in the Memory Vial navigation system
· Interact with the Pensieve’s 3D water effects
· Insert moving footage into a Wanted Poster or the Daily Prophet
· Save theatrical posters and images to use as your wallpaper

Download it from : iTunes Link