Enable Push and Youtube on Hacktivated iPhones


Push Notifications was a major feature of the 3.0 Firmware. However Push was not working at all for those whose device was Hacktivated (unofficially activated through jailbreak). Along with Push, Youtube too was not working.

The Devteam has just launched a small fix for both of these problems. Note that this Fix is still in a premature level and hence not user friendly.

Follow these steps exactly to Enable Push Notifications and Youtube on your Hacktivated 2G/3G :

1. Download and Extract this Archive to a folder on your Desktop : PushFix.zip

2. Copy the following files via SSH to /private/var/Keychains and set permissions of inject and nimble to 755 (using WinSCP > Right Click on File > Properties).


3. Backup(copy) the keychain-2.db file from your iPhone to your PC/Mac. After that Delete it from your iPhone.

4. For further steps you’ll need Mobile Terminal on your iPhone. To download it, open Cydia > Search > type in “Terminal” and download it.

5. Once your have Mobile Terminal installed. Perform the follow set of commands :

cd /   (make sure there is space between cd and /)

then:  cd /private/var/Keychains
then: ./inject (theres a dot . before slash)

6. You will see some actions being performed. Once done, Exit Mobile Terminal.

7. Now Delete any Push Enabled App from your iPhone.

8. Reboot your iPhone. Youtube and Push should be working fine now!