iPod Nano 5G Images Leaked

Apple’s WWDC event is just a few days away now. Apple is said to be announcing its next iteration of iPhone,  iPods and OSX. So it’s quite a major and much awaited event for everyone.

Apple is well known for keeping its forecoming products a tightly wrapped secret until the last moment. But somehow people manage to leak out bits of information about its future products just days before its announcement.

Apple’s also said to be launching a new iPod Nano (5th Gen) which was rumored to include a Digital Camera.

From the leaked image above, you can clearly see a Digital Camera at the back. The specification of the camera are still unknown. The screen features a widened 1.5:1 aspect ratio. Resolution will most probably be the same as previous Nano models.

The Click Wheel is still retained and thus there’s no possibility of this being a Touch based device.

Note : This is to be taken as a Rumor only. There’s no credible source to prove this news.

[via - ilounge]