Jailbreak iPhone/iTouch 2.1 Windows : Quickpwn

Its quite a while now that iPhone/iTouch 2.1 Firmware has been launched. A Jailbreak solution was released for the Mac Users. Windows users still had no easy option.

Well that is until now, the Dev Team has made available the latest version of QuickPwn for Windows, Quickpwn 2.1.

Quickpwn supports the following :

  • Unlocking and Jailbreaking of iPhone 2G
  • Jailbreaking of iPhone 3G
  • Jailbreaking of iPod Touch v1
  • Does NOT support Unlocking of iPhone 3G
  • Does NOT support Jailbreaking of iPod Touch v2

Download Quickpwn 2.1 from any of the following links :

Official Torrent: thepiratebay.org

FTP Links:

Microsoft .NET Framework (for XP) : softonic.com

Quickpwn is very easy to use. Just follow the simple onscreen instructions. If you face any problems just leave a comment and I’ll surely help you out.