iPhone Passcode Fix

News about the iPhone Security bug is all over the Internet now. If you still are not aware of the bug, let me tell you in Brief whats it about.

Anyone can bypass the Passcode Lock of your iPhone by following this simple 2 Step Procedure :

  1. Hit Emergency Call Button
  2. Then Press Home Button twice very rapidly

What this will do is that it will launch the Favourite Contacts list, which exposes your Locked iPhones Contact List, Safari and even Mail Application !

To Fix this Bug you need to change the Home Shortcut. Follow this :

  1. Open Setting > General > Home Button
  2. In here Select “Home”

Now instead of Opening Contacts from the Emergency Screen, the screen will simply refresh and load up the Emergency Screen again !

Note that this is not a Serious Bug as there’s no access to other Applications – just Contacts, SMS, Mail, Safari are affected !