Tutorial : Unlock iPhone 2.0.2 [2G] Firmware (Winpwn 2.5)

Winpwn 2.5 was recently launched. Its still said to be in BETA stage which according to the Dev Team means “Use at your Own Risk” !

This latest iteration of Winpwn is fully Graphical with a very attractive User Interface !

Note : iPhone 3G still cannot be Software Unlocked ! If you want to Unlock iPhone 3G you will need to use a Hardware Tool like a RebelSIM.

Things you Need :

Follow these Steps to Unlock/Activate your 2G 2.0.2 iPhone :

1. Connect your iPhone to your PC, make sure iTunes Detects it.

2. Open Winpwn 2.5, make sure “Expert Mode” is On. You’ll see a side Tray showing the on-going processes when Expert Mode is activated.

3. Choose the appropriate Device – iPhone, iPod Touch or iPhone 3G.

4. Select your Firmware.

5. Choose to Delete Bootneuter.app after installation.

6. Click on Activate if you’re not on ATnT.

7. Select Cydia, installing Cydia is Compulsary. Installer 4 is as good as useless for now.

8. Wipe Data as NO.

9. Check to manually adjust Root Partition Size and set the Size to 800 Mb.

10. The IPSW Building will now start.

11. By Default the Custom IPSW is stored in My Documents.

12. After IPSW is Created. Put the iPhone in DFU Mode, open iTunes, Click on Shift+Restore.

13. Select the CustomFirmware file from My Documents.

14. After everything is done, you will be on 2.0.2 Jailbroken and Unlocked !