Apple to fix iPhone's 3G Network issues via Software Update

Just 2 days back I mentioned about the Network Issues that were faced by many Users. The Network problem was mainly related to the 3G Reception of the iPhone.

According to a report by Sweden’s engineering magazine Ny Teknik, the problem is not cause of any Hardware Defect, but just a miscalibrated setting in the Software that controls the iPhone 3G’s antenna and an amplifier that captures faint signals from the antenna.

Hear what a few other Sources have to say :

iSuppli analyst Francis Sideco fingered any of a number of parts, “from the phone’s antenna and amplifier and the radio frequency transceiver to the baseband that processes the digital signal and sends it to the speaker or screen.”

BusinessWeek’s Peter Burrows, said “The reception issues are tied to the iPhone’s Infineon chip and will be addressed via an upcoming software update rather than a Product Recall”

So for all those facing 3G Problems on their iPhones, cross your fingers and wait for an update, if it still doesn’t help, then go ahead and sue Apple/ATnT for this :P