Apple might recall some iPhone 3G's

Various reports and forum discussions have suggested that the new iPhone 3G seems to have serious Network Issues. These include frequent call drops and unstable 3G Signals. Reportedly the iPhone 3G fails to maintain the 3G connection even when in 1 place and keeps switching between 3G and EDGE !

Here’s what 1 User had to say :

Sitting in place you can watch the bars on your iPhone 3G fluctuate up and down…3G to Edge and back again.  Furthermore, AT&T;’s 3G signal seemingly fails to remain connected when you are inside a building without copious amounts of windows.  Go to the bathroom at work?  Lose the 3G.  Step inside my home?  Lose the 3G.  I know that this is an issue with the handset because even when I switch the 3G off in my home and am fully on Edge I still get a horrible signal.  Outside? Full bars.  Inside?  Anywhere from a max of 3 bars to complete No Service.

Whats interesting is that these problems are due to an immature chipset and radio protocol stack and thus cannot be fixed via Firmware Updates. Apple will have to recall all these iPhone 3G’s inorder to fix this problem.

[via - ilounge]