Unlock 2.0.1 : Download PwnageTool 2.0.2 (Mac)

The latest update to the PwnageTool has just been released by the iPhone Dev Team. This version version now supports the iPhone/iPod Firmware version 2.0.1 which was released this Monday and fixes up some annoying bugs !

Along with 2.0.1 Support, this version of PwnageTool comes with the much awaited release of Installer 4 in Beta version. Installer if you remember was the 1st Way to distribute JailBroken applications by the 3rd Party Community via Repos. Apple later on influenced by this planned and opened up their own App Store based on the ideals of Installer !

Along with Installer, Cydia is also included by Default.

Here’s what the iPhone Dev Team says at their Official Blog :

Good Morning!

Did you think we’d sleep? really?

Recommended method for updating is Sparkle (the internal updater inside PwnageTool) or using the Finder to decompress the files, don’t use command line tools to decompress as incorrect use will not preserve permissions, just double click the download above in the Finder.

Installer 4 Beta is included, it is added in any mode by default. The main installer package management interface within PwnageTool isn’t enabled yet, and will report that installer.app isn’t available, but the actual Installer.app package is added as a default option in both modes.

The latest Cydia is also enabled by default

Please ensure you ONLY download and use the tbz file – as we warned yesterday the re-compressed unauthorized .zip files cause problems with certain parts of the release.

Note: Currently this Tool is only released for the Mac ! Winpwn will be released shortly !

Download the Pwnage Tool for Mac : Click Here

For more info and alternative mirrors check out : blog.iphone-dev.org