Foxconn makes 800,000 iPhones a Week

Some of you might already be aware that a Taiwanese Company called Foxconn is responsible for the assembly of Apples iPhone. But not many people know the amount of iPhones being produced as Apple rarely makes its production reports public.

With the recent improvements and introduction of features such as MobileMe, Push EMail and App Store the demand for iPhone has sky rocketed ! The iPhone 3G sold 1 Million pieces in the first 72 Hrs when it was launched on July 11th !

If a source inside Apple is to be believed, Foxconn is going to increase its iPhone Production to nearly 800,000 iPhone 3G’s a week thats about 40 Million iPhones a Year ! But with quantity, Foxconn seems to have ignored Quality with the recent reports of iPhone 3G’s with cracked casings and uneven brightness among screens.

Till the end of this year, Apple plans to Launch iPhones in over 50 more Countries. Hope they don’t compromise in quality while trying to cope up with the user demand…..