iPhone App Dev makes 1800$ per day

Apple App Store

iPhone no doubt has opened up a whole new area for Software Developers. The iPhone as a software platform provides tremendous potential for the Developers to earn good money mainly because of the Application Distribution System deviced by Apple called the App Store !

A Part-Time iPhone Developer has revealed that she makes upto 1800$ per day !

Eliza Block, the Developer of a Crossword Puzzle game called “2 Across” found out that she’d made close to 1800$ on Wednesday and the earnings were similar on following days.

She was the sole developer for the application and was pretty ecstatic on seeing the earnings. She shared her detailed reports with 9to5mac.com . Take a look at the reports below :

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And now with the launch of iPhone 3G, Apple is said to have captured 1% of World Mobile Market ! Becoming an iPhone Developer might just become a Career Option for some people now !

To download the 2 Across Application Click >Here<