Tutorial : Unlock iPhone 2.0/2.0.1 Firmware (Winpwn)

Use this Guide to Unlock/JailBreak your 2G iPhone with Firmware 2.0.  (Note : This wont work with 3G iPhone)

Tools needed for Unlock :

1. iPhone 2.0 Firmware : Download >HERE< OR iPhone 2.0.1 Firmware : Download >HERE<
2. WinPwn : Download >HERE<
3. 3.9 BL (Bootloader) : Download >HERE<
4. 4.6 BL : Download >HERE<
5. .Net Framework 2.0 : Download >HERE< (Only needed on Windows XP)

How to install and Unlock 2.0/2.0.1 :

1. Install WinPwn

2. Click on Browse IPSW and open the “iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw” file that you downloaded.

3. The firmware will be checked if its ok and compatible.

4. After thats done, click on the IPSW Builder

5. In here select Only Installer and YouTube ! DO NOT select Cydia as there are some bugs in Winpwn at the moment !

6. Go to the Custom Images tab and Select one from the “Search Online” Option that you like. If you want the Default Logos then don’t change any options here.

7. Now go to the Advanced Tab. Here Select “Activate iPhone“, “Enable BaseBand Update“, “NeuterBootloader 3.9/4.6“, “Unlock Baseband” and “AutoDelete BootNeuter.app

8. Next Click on the Bootloader 3.9 File Button and choose the BL-39.bin file that you downloaded. Do the same for the 4.6 Bootloader file by selecting BL-46.bin.

9. Click the Build .ipsw Button at the Bottom.Me sure you save it in the Default Location only ! DO NOT change the Location where its save but note down the location so that you can select it later from iTunes !

10. After the ipsw is created you will get the confirmation messege.

11. Now from the main Winpwn screen choose iPwner Button and select the file that you saved on your Desktop.

12. You’ll get the messege saying “iTunes has been Pwned!”

13. Next you have to put your iPhone in DFU Mode. To do that Keep Holding Power and Home Button until the iPhone restarts and then leave the Power Button but keep the Home Button Pressed. Make sure that while doing this your iPhone is connected to your PC.  If you still find it hard to put it in DFU Mode, check out this Video : http://youtube.com/?v=K0oS79cErHM

14. iTunes will now say that iPhone in Recovery Mode has been found. Click Ok and you’ll get an Restore Button in iTunes.

15. Press Shift + that Restore Button and you’ll get a Dialog Box to browse for that Firmware File.

16. Now just select the File that your saved on your Desktop and click Open.

17. iPhone will start the Process and when Done you’ll be on 2.0.1 Activated and Unlocked !

Note : Make sure you’re connected to the Internet while you do all this !

Do check out the Official Winpwn Site for an updated and bug free version of Winpwn at http://winpwn.com/