Tutorial : Use iPhone as Modem (Windows)


Official Method

The iPhone 4 now supports Wireless Tethering with the latest firmware update.

To enable Tethering Officially on the iPhone 4 follow these steps:

1. Open Settings

2. Select Personal Hotspot


Unofficial Method (Requires Jailbreak) For those on iPhone 2G/3G/3GS

1. Open Cydia

2. Goto Search and search for “MyWi”

3. Download and Install MyWi.

4. Open MyWi and the rest options are pretty self explanatory.



Old Method

The iPhone surely lacks some basic features but 3rd Party Developers have made sure that those flaws and drawbacks are fixed using 3rd Party Applications. Earlier you needed to Jailbreak and use Installer.app to run these, but now with the  App Store, Apple has officially opened up the iPhone.

One such application released recently is the NetShare Application ! This application allows you to use your EDGE/3G Data Network and route in a way which shares your iPhones Net connection to your PC via a Socks5 Proxy Server !

This Application is currently Paid and costs 10$ ! I personally don’t think its worth that much as I’ve been using this feature for free for over an year now via the following method by cre.ations.net !

Anyhow I’ll explain in Brief how to use this for your Windows based PC.

On iPhone :

1. Download the NetShare Application from the AppStore.
2. In your iPhone go to Settings > Wifi > Choose your Network and Select “Static” ! Note the IP Address here.
3. Delete the DNS values
4. Now open NetShare Application and it should show the same IP that you noted down before.

On PC :

1. Open up Firefox > Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Click on Settings
2. Choose the Manual Proxy Configuration > In the Socks Host enter the IP Address shown in the Net Share application and also enter the Port shown in Netshare here.
3. Make sure you select Socks5
4. Click Ok and your Done and should be able to browse any sites !

For other Applications like Yahoo Messenger follow the same. Yahoo too has Proxy Settings so use the same details there.

Now enjoy 3G Speeds on your Laptop/PC !

Download Net Share from: Click Here
Password : This Sites Address