iPhone gets Copy Paste function

Among many other features, the iPhone lacked basic Copy Paste Functionality. Many people including me were hoping that Apple would be adding this functionality in the 2.0 but still no sign of it.

So finally as usual some 3rd Party Developer decided and came up with 1st Ever Application for iPhone supporting the Copy Paste Function along with a Rich Text Editor !

MagicPad, a rich text-editor, the first of its kind for the iPhone, allows users to create text documents in which they can change fonts, text sizes, colors, and even add bold, italic, underline, and strike-through effects to their text. After creating their customized memos, users can also email the rich-text notes to themselves or friends.

But the most important feature in Magic is obviously the Copy and Paste Functionality ! But note that this Copy Paste function is only limited to this Application. Integration of the Copy-Paste functionality System Wide would be possible if only Mr.Steve Jobs feels the need for it !

Check out the Application in Action in the following Video :

Lets hope this neat little application won’t cost us a lot. A price point of around 10$ is expected as usual. Watch out for this Application soon in the App Store !

Checkout the Official Site of MagicPad : http://magicpad.proximi.com/