iPhone 3G India Pricing Details Revealed

People all over India were excited about the iPhone Launch back in July. But were soon disappointed to know that it won’t be available in India anytime before November. Analysts suggested that iPhone would come to India during Diwali Festival. But now according to various sources Vodafone is the first Carrier in India to bring the iPhone here.

Vodafone has set a August 18th Launch Date for the iPhone. They’ve also hinted at the Pricing Details. The iPhone however does come with a 2 yr Contract.

The Pricing Details are as follows : (Pricing Source is from a Vodafone insider)

  • iPhone 8Gb would cost around Rs.19999
  • iPhone 16Gb would cost around Rs.23999

The monthly rental is rumored to cost around Rs.500 min per month which is still pretty cheap I feel ! The Contract will be available on POST PAID only !

Airtel on the other hand is said to be behind Vodafone by a margin of just 15 days. Plans and Launch Dates from Airtel are still unknown but are expected soon.

Note that all this is still not from a Valid Source and should be treated as Rumor only ! How ever this should give you an overview of what the iPhone is actually going to cost in India !

Keep checking back for more details !