Rumors of new MacBook

Rumors are all round the Internet hinting at a new revised MacBook. With the recent launch of the iPhone 3G, the obvious next upgrade that Apple might carry out is on its famous MacBook line of Notebooks.

This upgrade is said to be a very major one, similar to the previous architectural upgrade that Apple carried out in its entire Mac series of ditching PowerPC and opting for Intel Based Processors and Chipsets.

The updated MacBook is said to be based on the updated Intel Centrino 2 Chipset. The other rumored features are :

  • The new models are thinner than current MacBook and MacBook Pros and slightly more rounded, taking design cues from the MacBook Air.
  • The trackpad is glass, multi-touch and uses gestures. The screen isn’t multi-touch.
  • The body is manufactured out of one piece of aluminum. Eco-friendly, yet sturdy. Manufacturing process is completely different.
  • The Screens will be 16:9 and come in slightly larger versions.
  • Release Date: Last week(s) of September.

Whats disappointing for most is that there’s no mention of Touchscreen ! Everyone was hoping for Apples Notebook version of the iPhone. But the only MultiTouch thing we’ll get is the Glass Trackpad.

Lets hope we get to hear about the MacBook Touch soon…..

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